Our Story

      Our LGBTQ+ logo was originally designed in 2005 for gay people and all those who love and support them. I didn’t want to create just another lesbian & gay apparel logo, I wanted a brand. As a lesbian in the 90’s trying to date, it wasn’t as easy as it is today. A lot of people weren’t as “out” as they are in the 21st century. There weren’t any apps you could use and really not much community support. Flirting with someone was kind of dangerous unless you were 100% sure they were gay too. Unless you have a crystal ball and you are good at reading minds, you really never know who is LGBTQ+. I used to joke with my friends and say “I wish we can know who’s gay just by looking at them.” So, what started out as a joke turned into our [sām] logo that we have today. The logo is a play on the phonetic spelling of the word “same” and is meant to mean “same sex.” A sort of subtle, walking billboard that screams, yes, I am gay!

Although these were the beginnings of the meaning of the logo, it has since evolved into much more than just letting other’s know you are gay. It has come to be a symbol of a rallying cry stating “Yes, I’m part of the LGBTQ+ community but I’m really just like anyone else.” It boils down to: We love the same as everyone else, feel pain the same as everyone else, we bleed the same and strive for that innate happiness that every human deserves. The more that things change and evolve socially in our world, the more it will be realized we really are the same.

Join us in pushing the movement forward.

[sām] Founder,