Our Story

Our LGBTQ+ logo was originally designed in 2005 for gay people and all those who love and support them. We didn’t want to create just another lesbian & gay apparel logo, we wanted a brand. We wanted to create a slick, casual, some may even say "down low" way of making the statement, “Yes, I’m gay, but I’m really just like you.”  We think we have succeeded! The logo means “SAME” as in same sex and is a play on the phonetic spelling of the word “same.”

Over the years, this logo has evolved into so much more and has a deeply personal meaning. It doesn’t matter who you are or who you love, we are all the “[sām]” inside. We love the same as everyone else, feel pain the same as everyone else, we bleed the same and strive for that innate happiness that every human deserves. The more that things change and evolve socially in our world, the more it will be realized we really are the same. Join us in celebrating our “sameness” by rocking the [sām] logo!

 Your Friends,

The [sām] Inside Team